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Vehicle Insurance

Before you drive away from in your set of new wheels, it’s imperative you plan ahead and get insurance in place to cover you from the second you leave the car dealer. Car insurance is easy to put in place. So long as you have the registration number, make, year and model, you will be [...]

2015-09-30T14:56:40+12:0030 September 2015|

Should I sell private or should I trade in?

So you have decided you want to upgrade you vehicle. You have done your homework and found the new car you wish to purchase. Now the question, will you sell your current one privately or will you trade it in. Below is a quick guide of the pros and cons of both options. […]

2015-09-16T09:25:12+12:0016 September 2015|

Choose a car to fit your lifestyle

It’s not just the make of car you need to contemplate when buying a car, there are other factors to consider. Cars need to get you from A to B. Whether you purchase an entry level 4 door sedan or a convertible sports car, they will all get you to your destination. The big question [...]

2015-09-10T13:58:27+12:0010 September 2015|
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