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Extended Rear Facing plus Car Finance = A Safe Option

Although it isn’t law in New Zealand, it is strongly recommended to have your child rear facing in their car seat until 2 years of age or older – the consensus among car seat technicians is “the longer the better!” A safe car is a must when you have children travelling with you.  If a [...]

2015-10-20T12:52:38+12:0020 October 2015|

Car Kit: Convenience and Comfort

How often have you been in your car and been searching for that one thing you need that you don’t have? Perhaps it was a pen or a tissue that you were certain you had in your hand bag but now don’t. Here are a few things you should include in a small box in [...]

2015-10-19T10:29:56+12:0019 October 2015|
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