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2017’s Top Car Technology have just released the winners of their Top Cars for 2017. With categories including ‘Top Family Car’, ‘Top Performance Car’, and ‘Top Car of 2017’, there’s a bit of something automotive for everyone to get their gears into. What caught our eye at Car Finance was the ‘Top Car Technology of 2017’. You can [...]

2017-12-19T15:33:21+12:0019 December 2017|

Surviving driving: festive travel tips going into twenty eighteen

The holiday season is notorious for pushing our country's peak road accident rate. Whether you're setting off on a trip to visit the rellies, or you're rushing in for a last minute mad dash of Christmas shopping, the team at Car Finance want you to have safe travels this silly season. We've rounded up our [...]

2017-12-11T15:17:11+12:0011 December 2017|

Give your teen the gift of ‘go’ this Christmas

We live in a country that is covered from head to toe in gorgeous roads just waiting to be explored. Each kiwi has a prized memory of an adventure shared down a highway, and then on to beaches, bush or beautiful cities. So, chances are, your teen has been dreaming of making their own memories [...]

2017-11-28T13:21:51+12:0028 November 2017|

Why book a bach when you can buy a boat?

For most kiwis, getting away for the summer to your favorite beach and bay factors as a top priority! We've all got that special spot we like to escape to for a fortnight or so; stuffing a car full of family, friends, and (of course) your beach gear! for Boats bring you options The classic [...]

2017-10-20T14:21:02+12:0020 October 2017|

Car Finance…changing the way we buy cars

Last month we looked at how car sales have surged to a record high. Population growth, a thriving economy, and great car finance options mean more Kiwis are choosing to add another car to their household or fleet, or upgrade to a swisher ride. Car finance gets you into a car you actually want Thanks [...]

2017-09-22T12:58:54+12:0022 September 2017|

A great time to get a car

If you’re thinking about buying a car, then we’ve got some great news for you! Whether you’re considering adding another run-about to your household, upgrading to something a little more swish, getting a second-hand motor for your kids, or investing in an eco-friendly electric vehicle, there’s never been a better time to buy. So what’s [...]

2017-08-30T17:37:19+12:0030 August 2017|

Electric Cars: make the switch today with Car Finance!

Have you noticed the influx of electric charging stations popping up nationwide? From the deep South to the far North, you’ll find a place to charge your electric car safely and securely, ready to continue your journey – there’s even a swish Tesla charging station in Paihia of all places! There are a number of [...]

2017-07-13T16:14:51+12:0013 July 2017|

Keeping your Car in Tip Top Shape During the Winter

As the temperature drops and frozen water starts falling from the sky and black ice threatens to form on the roads, it’s vital to keep your car in top form. The last thing you want as the mercury plummets is to find yourself stranded with a dead battery, or waiting on the side of the [...]

2017-06-05T20:29:33+12:0010 June 2017|

Winter driving tips for Kiwis

For road travellers, winter (usually between June and August) can be the most dangerous time of year. Motor vehicle accidents involving wet weather, fog, ice and snow can have serious consequences, and these conditions can hit anywhere at any time during winter. Snow can be unpredictable, occurring suddenly in areas like the central North Island [...]

2017-05-16T08:57:52+12:0016 May 2017|

Buying a car for your growing family

Got a growing brood to transport? Time to trade in the old two-door for something with a little more room? This guide will help you through the process of buying your new family car: from finance to finish!   What to look for in the perfect family four-door Ah, the classic family car. It’s almost [...]

2017-04-07T13:58:44+12:007 April 2017|

Financing Commercial Vehicles in New Zealand

To date Car Finance have financed a wide variety of marine, private and commercial vehicles, business equipment, and motorhomes. Being that commercial vehicles represent a large portion of the vehicle population in our busy little country, it makes sense that these trucks, utes, vans and cars should be financially accessible to you – the customer! [...]

2017-03-10T11:21:54+12:0010 March 2017|

Car theft: prevention and protection

Due to the recent rise in car thievery across our country, Car Finance New Zealand would like to dedicate this blog to keeping our readers informed about car theft prevention. Today we'll be sharing an article from GEICO (the original can be found here) that's packed with helpful tips and tricks to keep your car [...]

2017-02-09T14:10:56+12:009 February 2017|

New Zealand Car Finance: to buy or not to buy?

A new car can be a big purchase for a person or family, and there's always an overwhelming amount of information to consider (even before you start looking at the cars themselves). The first priority you'll have is organising the finance of your car, and that's where we can help you. Today we're going to [...]

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