have just released the winners of their Top Cars for 2017. With categories including ‘Top Family Car’, ‘Top Performance Car’, and ‘Top Car of 2017’, there’s a bit of something automotive for everyone to get their gears into.

What caught our eye at Car Finance was the ‘Top Car Technology of 2017’. You can bet we’re going to be seeing more of these super-cool innovations in a variety of vehicles.

Apps for cars

Your smartphone’s apps make everyday activities easy and convenient, like listening to music, banking, exercising, and emailing. This year has also seen the unveiling of some ‘car apps’ that give you much better access into the functioning of your car.

The apps have features that let you check functions like your tyre pressure and driving statistics. They’ll even remind you where you parked your car! Features differ between car manufacturers, but we can look forward to seeing a lot more of these apps in the future.

Cars that do the hard stuff for you

We’re seeing a surge in car technology that lets the car take over and do the hard stuff for you in certain situations. Called ‘Level 2 autonomy’, this technology uses sensors to identify road markings, obstacles, and other cars, and can perform functions like matching your cars speed and direction with other vehicles on a highway, reversing, and parallel parking.

Gesture control

Waving your hands about to interface with technology sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, some car manufacturers have provided technology that does just that (minus the fancy virtual monitors and keyboards). By gesturing with your hands and fingers you can do things like turn your car’s audio volume up and down, answer or decline a call, and change tracks on your stereo.

Remote parking

This feature lets you get out of your car and then park it using a touch-screen on your car keyfob. You’ll never have to hope you’ve given yourself enough space to squeeze out of your car, worry about obstacles you can’t see while seated, or navigate into really tricky tight spaces. We can literally imagine dozens of real-life applications for this technology.


Innovation in car technology is a growing market that will change the way we drive. Until then, if you want to get your hands on some of these latest technologies, Car Finance can help you do just that. Give our team a call to discuss what finance is available to you, and you never know, you could be driven away by your dream car!