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Beyond cars: leisure vehicles and business machinery finance

Did you know that, despite our name, the team at Car Finance covers more than just family runarounds and work trucks? In addition to classic car finance, we offer business machinery and leisure vehicle finance for kiwis who need their vehicles sooner rather than later. If you’re a small business looking to make a financial [...]

2018-10-04T18:38:58+12:005 October 2018|

Shopping for a new car? These resources will help!

Financing cars in New Zealand is a challenging task that requires a lot of research, but every new piece of information you learn about your next potential vehicle is a portion of your money saved or invested. Rather than financing a car only to have to sell it and see a second New Zealand car loan, [...]

2018-09-10T19:27:43+12:0010 September 2018|

What not to do when financing a vehicle

Cars cost a lot of money, there’s no doubt about it. Buying a car, be it old or new is going to set you back by thousands of dollars – the kind of money that a lot of kiwi families won’t often have lying around! When you need a car now, and you don’t have [...]

2018-08-07T19:39:32+12:0010 August 2018|

The new car buying guide for ‘not car people’

Buying a new or used vehicle can be a daunting process. Fortunately, people have been doing it for decades which has helped develop some fantastic guidelines on how to buy a car. We all know that BMWs depreciate fast and are expensive to maintain and that Toyota Corollas will outlive you, but here are a [...]

2018-07-09T10:56:56+12:0010 July 2018|

A few features to consider adding to your ‘wish list’

Time to trade in the old ride for a fresh set of wheels? Shopping for a car can either be a brilliant success or a costly mistake. Whether you're on the hunt for a family-mover, a work truck, or a little zippy 'shopping trolly', the team at car finance can be of service. In addition [...]

2018-05-14T17:02:39+12:0014 May 2018|

New Zealand Vehicle Finance: what don’t we do?

When it comes to financing your vehicle, you are by no means restricted to the type or situation. We're here to help you get the motor you need quickly, efficiently and at an affordable repayment rate. Be it a work truck or a cheeky little 'shopping trolly', a hefty tractor or a sporty camper-van, we'd [...]

2018-04-18T15:21:48+12:0019 April 2018|

Financing your car: everything you need to know

When applying for a loan with Car Finance, you’ll be able to pay for your car now and repay us in regular bite-sized amounts. This is an excellent option for young people, couples and families looking to finance a car in any of the following situations:  […]

2018-03-14T18:41:26+12:0015 March 2018|

Enjoy the last of summer with a jet ski!

As we head into February, you might feel that sinking 'back to work' feeling hitting you hard. It's easy to let a summer fly by without actually getting out and enjoying some of the awesome activities our country has to offer. Before the season changes and things get chilly, why not 'set loose' on a [...]

2018-02-02T17:47:11+12:002 February 2018|

Finding your ideal motorhome

There’s nothing like escaping into the New Year in a motorhome. Let the bracing coastal air cleanse you of your Christmas pudding funk. Shake those festive throngs in New Zealand’s rugged and isolated scenery. Whether you want to sample meat pies up and down the country, tour Lord of the Rings film locations, jaunt from [...]

2018-01-16T13:03:40+12:0016 January 2018|
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