Time to trade in the old ride for a fresh set of wheels? Shopping for a car can either be a brilliant success or a costly mistake. Whether you’re on the hunt for a family-mover, a work truck, or a little zippy ‘shopping trolly’, the team at car finance can be of service.

In addition to financing your vehicle in New Zealand, we’ve put together a few key features for you to consider when car shopping. You might just want to add one or two to your ‘wish list’!

To find out what features you need, start by assessing your situation… 

Take a step back and assess your current situation. Ask yourself a few of the following questions before you even consider what sort of car you’ll be shopping for:

Will this vehicle be for city driving, long cross-country trips, or both? 

A small car with good visibility is perfect for parking in tight spots and zipping around the city, while a big, powerful SUV with good mileage might be the better option for comfortable cross-country driving.

Features to consider for driving in the CBD:

  • Big windows, 360 visibility
  • ‘Blind Spot Warning’ (an alarm that goes off when a car is driving in your blind spot)
  • Hot hatch cars: small, sporty cars that pack a punch when you need that extra bit of ‘passing power’ along the motorway

Features to consider for long-distance travel:

  • Excellent suspension (so you don’t ‘feel’ every bump in the road)
  • Good mileage
  • Built-in GPS
  • Room in the boot for your travel gear

Will this vehicle be transporting kids to and from school? 

Oh, and while you’re at it, are there to be more children on the way one day? Let’s take a look at a few features that our team recommends for folks shopping for people movers:

  • A parking camera and sensor (to alert you when little ones are in those hard-to-see spots around your car)
  • Plenty of leg room for bags
  • Seats that can be set up and stored away in your boot (for extra boot space or extra seats when transporting your little one’s friends)
  • Airbags everywhere both in the front seats, back seats and sides of your vehicle
  • Easy-access sliding doors for popping baby car seats in and out in an instant

Will your work vehicle need more than just space for your tools? 

For some kiwis, work takes you to some pretty crazy places. In addition to having plenty of space for your tools, here are a few features we really do insist upon when advising customers on picking a work vehicle:

  • Four-wheel drive capability (for any offroad jobs or driving on rough terrain)
  • A smart car alarm that alerts your phone when anyone attempts to break into your vehicle (to protect your expensive tools)
  • A strong towbar
  • Hands-free calling capability (so you can answer calls while driving)

While it might be a bit out of your price range to afford a vehicle with all the special features on your wish list, remember that the team at Car Finance can help! Financing a car with all the bells and whistles is easy with our financial assistance. For a manageable car loan, get in touch with the team at Car Finance today!