We’re well into the holiday season now. It can be a time of giving, getting, and cringing as we reluctantly check out bank accounts.

All we want for Christmas

For most kiwis, all we really want for Christmas is a nice holiday with the family. It’s only when you have packed all your gear, family, pets and trailers into or on your car that you realise just how handy an upgrade would be right about now. More room, more power and safer features would be beyond beneficial – improving your family getaway tenfold as you are able to enjoy safer, more comfortable travels up and down the island.

The problem is…you’ve already spent all the savings on Christmas presents and perhaps accomodation. You’d like to spend whatever you have left on fun summer activities… but you might end up spending it on expensive repairs and servicing on your poor old four-wheeled ride.

Yes…it’s definitely time for a change. The good news is, we can help!

Have your car, your kids, and your Christmas cake (and eat it too)!

Merry Christmas to you! One talk to the team at Car Finance and you could see yourself sorted for that Christmas gift you’ve wanted to see sitting under the tree for years now: a brand new car! Spend your savings as you usually would and let us finance the car costs: you won’t need to sacrifice a cent toward your present!

When you need your money the most, we can cover your car finance in Wellington. Enjoy a care-free Christmas in your flash new ride this year…you’ve earned it!