Did you know that, despite our name, the team at Car Finance covers more than just family runarounds and work trucks? In addition to classic car finance, we offer business machinery and leisure vehicle finance for kiwis who need their vehicles sooner rather than later. If you’re a small business looking to make a financial commitment to a forklift or bulldozer, or you’re just a young family who enjoys a summer at the lake on the back of a jetski, the team at car finance have got your back!

Leisure vehicle finance

Is your TradeMe wishlist brimming with boats? Does your heartbeat get a little faster every time you see someone towing a jet ski? Summer is on the horizon, and it’s around this time of year that our leiser vehicle finance services are most popular among kiwis with Christmas-holidaying aspirations.

Be it boat finance or jetski finance, we can help you afford that bit of holiday fun that you’ve been pining for. Give yourself something extra special to look forward to these coming summer holidays and put those wishlist items on your ‘order history’ list with our marine finance services.


Business machinery finance

Machinery is a costly commitment, and if you’re struggling to cover the cost of the company’s machinery then you’ve come to the right place. We understand that small to medium kiwi businesses often need to lose money in order to make it, meaning you’ll hardly ever find a company that goes into business with the freedom to afford its own forklift finance, bulldozer finance and work vehicle finance.

In trying to afford your business machinery without proper financing, you could find yourself paying more in the long run when you think you’re saving on a cheaper machine that turns out to bring your business a world of costly repairs!

It’s safer to spend more money now on a better-quality machine, and that’s where we come in. Our team can help you with all manner of machinery: from bulldozer finance to forklift finance, you’ll find it easier to afford your work vehicles with our help!