Chances are with the awesome weather we have been experiencing over the Kiwi Xmas, you have been watching boats off load to the water and thinking “if only that were me”.  This dream is probably far closer than you perhaps anticipate. At Car Finance we not only offer car finance, but we also offer boat finance. Be it a speed boat, a classic fishing boat or a catamaran. The possibilities are endless and we can help with boat finance on all these options and more. Need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why buying a boat is a great thing to do:

Affordable: Are you under the impression that recreational boating is too expensive for your current budget? Think again. Talk to us as then monthly repayments are very affordable.

New Zealanders all live close to water: The geographical shape of our country means that no matter where you reside in NZ, you will only be a short distance to water, be it one of the surrounding seas or oceans or a lake.

Enjoyment: The minute you leave the shore or port, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave your worries behind. Recreational boating provides a constructive outlet that reduces stress and provides enriching opportunities, whether it’s learning how to fish, water ski or simply enjoying a leisurely sail with family and friends.

Convenient: Hop on your boat for a mini-vacation whenever you feel like it. Just a few hours spent after work, can seem like a weekend away. Boating is a great alternative to other family recreational activities, which can quickly add up to become even more expensive and time-consuming.

If you need a final reason, it starts with “f” and ends in “n” – FUN!

Come and speak to us at car finance to get a pre-approval and start shopping and planning for your boating adventures.