For most kiwis, getting away for the summer to your favorite beach and bay factors as a top priority! We’ve all got that special spot we like to escape to for a fortnight or so; stuffing a car full of family, friends, and (of course) your beach gear! for

Boats bring you options

The classic kiwi bach is brilliant, but it tends to keep your options restricted to just one area in a beautiful country covered in cool beaches and bays. With a boat in tow, you’ll have the freedom to travel to any beach in your island, and set up wherever suits! It’s always nice to try something new, and we’re sure the family will appreciate the adventure of finding a new favorite beach where they can spend their summer holidays.

Activities are endless! 

A boat suits most kiwi families well because it’s so versatile and easily adaptable to your needs and preferences. Are you an active lot with a hankering for the extreme? Your boat can tow you along on your biscuit or skis all summer long! Perhaps you’re looking for a more quiet escape from the busy daily grind? You can spend your summer afternoons quietly fishing from the comfort of your boat, or take along the rest of the family and find a quiet private bay somewhere along the shoreline to set up a cosy summer day camp.

Ship it in your ship

Tying down a tarp over your boat turns it into a super-convenient makeshift trailer for your family to store their gear in. Depending on the size of your boat, you can use it to store anything from suitcases and chilly bins to kayaks and ski sets! As your boat sits on its own set of wheels, you can easily tow your gear anywhere you need it in NZ, be it a day trip to the beach, or a full-on summer travelling itinerary.


Do you think it’s high time a boat becomes part of your family? Want to speed up the process and get your summer adventures started in time for Christmas 2017? Get in touch with the team at Car Finance: we handle New Zealand boat loans and financing nationwide and we’d love to help your family set sail and find your ‘dream boat’!