Got a growing brood to transport? Time to trade in the old two-door for something with a little more room? This guide will help you through the process of buying your new family car: from finance to finish!


What to look for in the perfect family four-door

Ah, the classic family car. It’s almost like a milestone, isn’t it? Beyond being your main mode of transport, this vehicle will become like a member of the gang! At first, it might not excite you like the cool cars of your youth, but with time – and the occasional road trip – you’ll grow fond of your loyal four-wheeled friend.

Before you go googling or trawling through Trademe, there is a hefty number of things to consider – some factors are even more important than finalising a budget! With a solid amount of research and an open mind, you’ll find this process will be more than manageable.

We’ve found an excellent article by AA Insurance that we think will go a long way toward helping you with your research: A guide to buying a family car on a budget.


Ready to buy? We can help!

Ready to start shopping? We would love to help you fund your first family car! With kids on the way, there’s no time for delay, and with our help you won’t have to wait around for funds to be saved up.

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Why us?

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