Sophisticated Cat MemeWe might be a little hesitant to admit it, but buying a boat has essentially become a bit of a Kiwi life achievement. Your average Kiwi dad is sure to have ‘boat’ sitting somewhere on his wishlist.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with this dream! Boating encourages getting outdoors and forms stronger bonds between friends and family who tag along for a trip. Not to mention, seeing as two thirds of the earth’s surface are covered in water, a boat (from a traveller’s perspective) might not be such a bad idea.

Before you rush to Trademe to save a hundred beautiful boats to your watchlist, we at Car Finance would like to offer a little seasoned advice on practical boat buying:

Consider the number of passengers

This one is important, and not just from a comfort and practicality point of view. Overcrowding on your vessel is actually a big safety risk! The last thing you want on your family fishing trip is to see your spouse, children, or relatives flying off the side of the boat. Picture someone excitedly announcing that a fish is a-tugging. Six or so family members all rush at once to the side of the boat and…well, the rest is painfully predictable. If the boat you buy is not capable of carrying the load you intend for it, then your purchase just went from being a practical one to a precarious one.

Lake or sea

Not all boats are built for the boisterous wiles of the ocean. If you plan on boating outside the comfortable confines of a quiet lake, it would be a good idea for you to take time researching a boat engineered for rough waters, and constructed with more sturdy materials. Not all boats are made equal, so ask an experienced friend or boating retailer to give you the rundown on the best builds for heavy duty boating.

Towing and transport

Very simply: how do you intend to tow the boat? Are there any legal matters to consider when towing your boat to and from the water? Perhaps the boat you are interested in comes with a nice trailer, but does that trailer have working brake/indicator lights? For detailed insight into towing and transportation, check out the NZ Transport Agency’s Guide to Safe Loading and Towing.

A home for ‘Boaty’

This is the part where you’ll need to carefully compare the measurements of the space you plan to store your boat with the dimensions of the boat itself. Will it fit in terms of length, height and width? Avoid yourself the embarrassment of awkwardly cramming a boat into your shed before the eyes of your laughing neighbours.

Boat budget

Stick to your budget when shopping for your boat. Avoid letting a dealer talk your money out of your wallet. If you are shopping for a second-hand boat (perhaps on Trademe) then be patient if you do not initially discover much selection within your price range; something will come up eventually, and a good deal is always worth the wait!

Think you might be ready to go get yourself that boat now? We can help. Car Finance also offer boat finance so Kiwis like you can get out on the water as soon as you like.