Here at Car Finance we quite regularly have people come to us who have been struggling to get their finance sorted, purely because they’re self-employed. Being self-employed means they might not have the same financial credentials or completed tax returns that a standard buyer can use as proof of income.

Furthermore, not all banks and lenders have products or services suited to self-employed people without all the necessary paperwork, which can make things even harder for them to get their car or vehicle finance.

Traditionally, a borrower had to have a credit history that met a particular standard or pattern, for risk management purposes. However, most lenders today have become much smarter and more flexible in terms of lending to independent contractors and those who have started their own businesses – and there are a range of different options, depending on the type of vehicle you need.

Here at we have access to a range of smart lenders, allowing the self-employed to get car finance without the hassles you might expect. With just a few simple details, we can help identify the right option to suit your needs and budget.

Applying is easy – you can get started online, or give us a call to discuss your requirements with a consultant.

  • Don’t have a recent completed tax return?
  • Don’t have accountant prepared financials?
  • Have you recently become self-employed?
  • Looking for a business car loan to maximise your tax benefits?
  • Looking for a balloon/residual value or longer term to minimise your repayments?
  • Looking for flexible repayment options to suit your business cash flow?
  • Self-employed and need a car loan NOW?

We can help! Give the team at a call on 0800 397 000 and let us help find you a car loan for self-employed individuals that really suits your needs.