Last month we looked at how car sales have surged to a record high. Population growth, a thriving economy, and great car finance options mean more Kiwis are choosing to add another car to their household or fleet, or upgrade to a swisher ride.

Car finance gets you into a car you actually want

Thanks to low interest rates car finance is more affordable than ever, and that means you can actually get the car you want. Rather than saving up for that junker you’ve seen advertised on the side of the road and can afford up-front, you can now choose a car you want, whether it suits your needs, or you just like the smell of new upholstery.

You might even save yourself a few dollars overall too, because newer cars are likely to incur less registration and maintenance charges. Insurance will be cheaper too!

Car finance is an increasingly responsible choice

Most families and workplaces depend on their vehicles as a necessity. Car travel is an essential part of everyday life. Car finance ensures that vehicles are available to people who need them, even if they’re a bit hard up for disposable cash.

Of course, like most forms of borrowing, thorough credit checks are done to make sure that the lending terms are affordable and able to be repaid.

Talk to Car Finance today about the finance options that are available to you. Whether it’s a new or second-hand car, a car you found on TradeMe or are purchasing from a private seller, we’ll be able to get you the car finance you need.