How often have you been in your car and been searching for that one thing you need that you don’t have? Perhaps it was a pen or a tissue that you were certain you had in your hand bag but now don’t. Here are a few things you should include in a small box in your boot so that if and when the time permits, you have them on hand, not to save a life in an accident but to simply make life that little bit easier.

  • Paper towels or hand towels are often needed. Wet wipes would work too. Great for cleaning up small spills or wiping down an icy windscreen on a cold winters morning.
  • Tissues or a roll of toilet paper even is helpful not only for the inevitable nose blow but for blotting your lippy after you park up and are headed for a job interview or for disposing of chewed gum.
  • Pen and paper! Perhaps you saw an accident to a parked car and want to leave a note for the owner. A pen and paper is a must have in the vehicle. Just be sure not to write and drive!
  • The next is said with tongue in cheek as the Wellington wind often doesn’t allow for the use of them, but having an umbrella for the rainy days with no wind is a good idea. If you live in Wellington you may want to exclude this item and just pack a rain coat.
  • Shopping bags or plastic bags: Good to collect rubbish in and also handy if bringing purchases in from the car to save many trips. Reusable shopping bags stored in the boot can be used at supermarket shopping time as well.
  • Emergency cash: Most parking machines now take credit/debit cards, text-a-park and some even take the likes of Snapper cards. But if these aren’t working and you park without a ticket, you may be fined. Get $30 out in $2 coins and pop in a sealed bag in the glovebox. Keep it there in times of desperation. The time of desperation might be delving into it for your morning coffee money if you left your wallet at home in the rush out the house to work!
  • A change of clothes: If not for you then definitely for your kids. The reason why doesn’t need mentioning. Any parent knows that whether aged two or ten, kids can get messy and having a spare change of clothes is a great idea!
  • USB phone charger: If you have a smartphone, chances are your battery isn’t as good as your old Nokia from 1998. Keep a charger so you aren’t caught out without a cell phone.