Buying a car for your growing family

Got a growing brood to transport? Time to trade in the old two-door for something with a little more room? This guide will help you through the process of buying your new family car: from finance to finish!   What to look for in the perfect family four-door Ah, the classic family car. It’s almost [...]

2017-04-07T13:58:44+12:007 April 2017|

Financing Commercial Vehicles in New Zealand

To date Car Finance have financed a wide variety of marine, private and commercial vehicles, business equipment, and motorhomes. Being that commercial vehicles represent a large portion of the vehicle population in our busy little country, it makes sense that these trucks, utes, vans and cars should be financially accessible to you – the customer! [...]

2017-03-10T11:21:54+12:0010 March 2017|

Car theft: prevention and protection

Due to the recent rise in car thievery across our country, Car Finance New Zealand would like to dedicate this blog to keeping our readers informed about car theft prevention. Today we'll be sharing an article from GEICO (the original can be found here) that's packed with helpful tips and tricks to keep your car [...]

2017-02-09T14:10:56+12:009 February 2017|

New Zealand Car Finance: to buy or not to buy?

A new car can be a big purchase for a person or family, and there's always an overwhelming amount of information to consider (even before you start looking at the cars themselves). The first priority you'll have is organising the finance of your car, and that's where we can help you. Today we're going to [...]

2017-01-13T14:53:50+12:0013 January 2017|

It’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas: financing your Car

We’re well into the holiday season now. It can be a time of giving, getting, and cringing as we reluctantly check out bank accounts. All we want for Christmas For most kiwis, all we really want for Christmas is a nice holiday with the family. It’s only when you have packed all your gear, family, [...]

2016-12-06T13:42:35+12:006 December 2016|

The benefits of buying a secondhand car: part 2

Last month we started you off on a few of the benefits you can hope to achieve when purchasing second hand. If you have had a chat to your car finance company already and you are all set to purchase your car, we would highly recommend buying ‘pre-loved’, and here are just a few more [...]

2016-11-10T12:02:05+12:0010 November 2016|

The benefits of buying a secondhand car: part 1

The concept of purchasing a used car used to be a bit of a gamble. Risks were as high as salesmen were sly. The purchase price might have been low, but the cost of repairs was high and stayed that way for months and years to come. Fast forward a few dozen years and cars [...]

2016-10-15T10:14:14+12:0015 October 2016|

‘Road Trip’ season is coming, have you got wheels?

After a few nights of nippy wind, I’m sure every Kiwi nation-wide is willing summer to hurry itself up! You might even be daydreaming early of the ways in which you’d like to enjoy your holidays: where you’d like to go and what you’d like to see. Here’s an idea we often leave to the [...]

2016-09-15T13:28:10+12:0015 September 2016|

Four Utes for the family or farm

Kiwis have always had a certain fondness for the universally practical utility vehicle (or Ute). The four wheeled friend of farmers favourite has done our country proud for years as it scales the countryside with effortless bouncy grace. Over the years, the classic Ute has undergone something of a cozy, curvaceous face-lift in order to [...]

2016-08-15T13:13:21+12:0015 August 2016|

The top five ‘bang-for-buck’ motorbikes on the market

Ever found yourself sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic with your stomach rumbling and your eyes drooping? Do then catch yourself glaring with envy at every motorbike that sweeps swiftly past your car? Maybe it’s time to get a motorcycle. And with the help of Car Finance’s readily accessible motorbike finance, you could be the one zooming [...]

2016-07-13T09:59:20+12:0013 July 2016|

How to buy a tractor: tips for farmers browsing the market for machinery

For some Kiwi farmers, buying your first tractor is like a sacred initiation process into becoming a true-blue farmer. As with any vehicle, making the smart decision about selecting and buying your tractor can be challenging (especially for small-scale farmers with more specific needs). At Car Finance, we happily offer a tractor financing service to [...]

2016-06-15T12:35:26+12:0015 June 2016|

Buying the boat: five tips for first timers

We might be a little hesitant to admit it, but buying a boat has essentially become a bit of a Kiwi life achievement. Your average Kiwi dad is sure to have ‘boat’ sitting somewhere on his wishlist. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this dream! Boating encourages getting outdoors and forms stronger bonds between [...]

2016-05-16T15:38:08+12:0016 May 2016|

Getting ready for the onset of cold weather

Nearing the middle of autumn, it is time we start thinking about the next upcoming season; winter. When the driving conditions change, you want to ensure your car is ready for the ice and slippery surfaces. It is a really good idea to get all these things done in advance so that when the cold [...]

2016-04-11T15:57:27+12:0011 April 2016|

The low down on car finance

Car finance is a way of paying off your new car in easy regular payments rather than in one hit on purchase day. The cost of using this service is the interest that you are charged. Payments can be made to coincide with your pay day so that funds are always available. The term in [...]

2016-04-05T14:45:50+12:005 April 2016|

Fuel Efficiency

We are pretty lucky in New Zealand at the moment that fuel cost is relatively steady and hasn’t again hit the $2/Litre mark that we saw last year.  However, fuel prices can change quickly and therefore, driving economically is important. Form these habits now. Below are tips for saving fuel and getting more kilometers per [...]

2016-03-29T09:48:08+12:0029 March 2016|

We finance all makes, models and COLOURS

When thinking about your dream car, what do you envisage? Perhaps a make or models pop to mind. Do you imagine it to black or silver? Blue or bright orange? This colour selection is often a tricky one for people to make.  Here is the low down on what each colour means: […]

2016-02-27T13:05:29+12:0027 February 2016|

Car finance for a new or used vehicle

When purchasing a car, there are many questions that are involved. Once you have decided that you need to upgrade your vehicle, the next question is, do you buy new or used. At car finance, we can finance both new and used vehicles. The same goes for boat finance, motorbike finance, caravan finance, marine vehicle [...]

2016-02-01T12:25:45+12:001 February 2016|

Summer holiday car packing

It’s the time of the year where Kiwis are taking their summer holiday. Plenty of people wait until things die down a bit after the mad Christmas/New Year rush and opt to go late January or even February.  If you have purchased a car this year and are packing it up for a cruise up [...]

2016-01-28T12:48:35+12:0028 January 2016|

Things to check before long distance travel.

Have you recently purchased a new car using car finance? Perhaps you have finally got your dream car parked in your garage, waiting to hit the road for a long distance trip? Car finance makes it possible for you to own your dream car, now just be certain that when you buckle up and hit [...]

2016-01-11T09:38:59+12:0011 January 2016|

Boat Finance – easier than you perhaps think

Chances are with the awesome weather we have been experiencing over the Kiwi Xmas, you have been watching boats off load to the water and thinking “if only that were me”.  This dream is probably far closer than you perhaps anticipate. At Car Finance we not only offer car finance, but we also offer boat [...]

2016-01-03T19:03:12+12:003 January 2016|

The low down on car finance

Car finance is a way of paying off your new car in easy regular payments rather than in one hit on purchase day. The cost of using this service is the interest that you are charged. At Car Finance we also offer finance for most other vehicles such as trailers, tractors, boats etc. […]

2015-11-17T09:30:18+12:0017 November 2015|

Questions you need to ask regarding your vehicle finance

You have found the car you wish to purchase and now just need finance before you can drive your shiny new vehicle off the car yard. Great! You have come to us and we can help.  Here are a list of things you need to ask your car finance people before selecting them. We are [...]

2015-11-10T11:16:39+12:0010 November 2015|

More than just car finance

We are called Car Finance, so we just finance cars right? Wrong. We finance a range of automobiles. Below is a quick reference list to get you thinking about your next purchase. […]

2015-11-02T08:52:43+12:002 November 2015|

Extended Rear Facing plus Car Finance = A Safe Option

Although it isn’t law in New Zealand, it is strongly recommended to have your child rear facing in their car seat until 2 years of age or older – the consensus among car seat technicians is “the longer the better!” A safe car is a must when you have children travelling with you.  If a [...]

2015-10-20T12:52:38+12:0020 October 2015|

Car Kit: Convenience and Comfort

How often have you been in your car and been searching for that one thing you need that you don’t have? Perhaps it was a pen or a tissue that you were certain you had in your hand bag but now don’t. Here are a few things you should include in a small box in [...]

2015-10-19T10:29:56+12:0019 October 2015|

Vehicle Insurance

Before you drive away from in your set of new wheels, it’s imperative you plan ahead and get insurance in place to cover you from the second you leave the car dealer. Car insurance is easy to put in place. So long as you have the registration number, make, year and model, you will be [...]

2015-09-30T14:56:40+12:0030 September 2015|

Choose a car to fit your lifestyle

It’s not just the make of car you need to contemplate when buying a car, there are other factors to consider. Cars need to get you from A to B. Whether you purchase an entry level 4 door sedan or a convertible sports car, they will all get you to your destination. The big question [...]

2015-09-10T13:58:27+12:0010 September 2015|

Car finance for the self employed?

Here at Car Finance we quite regularly have people come to us who have been struggling to get their finance sorted, purely because they’re self-employed. Being self-employed means they might not have the same financial credentials or completed tax returns that a standard buyer can use as proof of income. Furthermore, not all banks and [...]

2015-08-26T13:44:30+12:0026 August 2015|

Top 5 car shopping tips

So you’re thinking about purchasing a car? Maybe you need a family wagon to get the kids to school? Or you could be in the market for a safer, more efficient drive? Or perhaps you’re in a mid-life crisis and desperately need that red convertible? Purchasing a car is something we all have to do [...]

2015-08-18T13:41:50+12:0018 August 2015|

Choosing your Car Finance Broker

A good car finance broker is able to present your application to the lender in the best light possible, so as to maximise your chances of being approved. Here at we are known in the industry for getting our clients approved – so it’s important to note that not all finance brokers are the [...]

2015-08-12T13:41:21+12:0012 August 2015|

Need marine vehicle or boat finance?

Get your boat finance with us! One of the best ways you can enjoy a good New Zealand summer is to spend it out on the water. Whether you’re fishing off the coast, cruising the Marlborough Sounds or water skiing on Lake Taupo, there’s nothing quite like being out on the water. If that sounds [...]

2015-07-30T13:38:32+12:0030 July 2015|

CarFinance: Our History

CarFinance recently had an interesting article written about our history, and how we’ve been helping New Zealanders finance their vehicles and assets over the last five years. Just what was this guy thinking five years ago? As it turns out he was thinking about the future! Yes, that’s right, Greg Trask Financial Services Limited is [...]

2015-07-12T13:23:44+12:0012 July 2015|
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