It’s not just the make of car you need to contemplate when buying a car, there are other factors to consider. Cars need to get you from A to B. Whether you purchase an entry level 4 door sedan or a convertible sports car, they will all get you to your destination. The big question to ask is, does it suit your life style?

Do you have children? Do you plan on having children soon? Consider the type of car which will easily fit car seats along the back seat. Is the boot big enough for prams and baby gear? As with all car purchases, checking how they perform in sudden crashes is extremely important. Do the back doors completely crush when hit on impact? This is where your most precious cargo will be sitting. Sedans, station wagons and SUV are popular options with families providing safety and space that is required.

Do you go on adventures at the weekend? Ski fields? Into the bush? Camp on a remote beach? A 4 wheel drive is grunty and powerful and is often the only thing that can safely make it up to the slopes in the height of winter. Examples include the Ford Explorer and the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Do you perhaps live in the city and only use your car at weekends to do the groceries? A small economical car would be the way to go. Something like a Kia Rio or a Ford Fiesta. Small, economical and easy to park in the busy city centre are all important if your lifestyle falls under this bracket.

If you do lots of long distance driving, then you need to consider fuel economy, reliability and boot space for luggage. Holden Commodores or Honda Accords are both popular options. Great value for money, plenty of boot space for suitcases and other luggage and reasonable fuel consumption for the size of their engines.

Once you have determined the type of car that fits your lifestyle, that’s where we come in. At Car Finance we are only too happy to help you determine a budget and provide finance for you to purchase a car, be it used or new, to meet your needs.

On a typical week, most Kiwis spend anywhere from 10 to 30+ hours a week in their vehicle. Ensure it is comfortable. If you have a garage, take the car for a test drive and make sure it fits! Buy a car to fit your garage as you cannot change your garage size to fit your new car. Lastly and we reiterate this constantly, test drive as many cars as possible and use AA or an independent mechanic to do a full pre-purchase inspection before handing over your money and getting the set of keys.