As we head into February, you might feel that sinking ‘back to work’ feeling hitting you hard. It’s easy to let a summer fly by without actually getting out and enjoying some of the awesome activities our country has to offer. Before the season changes and things get chilly, why not ‘set loose’ on a sparkling kiwi lake with a shiny new jet ski!

No Jet Ski finance? We can fix that!

With only a month or two of warm weather left, you’ll want to skip the long-haul saving and get straight to the super fun skiing! To make that jet ski affordable sooner, you can get in contact with the team at Car Finance.

We can offer you the vehicle finance you need to go get that jet ski and get out on the water!

The time to buy is now! 

As most everyone has already had their summer holiday over and done with, they’ll generally be done with their summer vehicles too. You’ll find that late summer-early autumn will see an abundance of awesome second-hand jet skis pop up on Trademe and in the local trade and exchange papers. It’s a great time to buy, with plenty of options for jet skis that have only been used for one season.

A few other things to factor into your Jet Ski finance

When shopping for your jet ski, you’ll also want to factor in a few more items to help you get from A to B, as well as travel safely when using your cool new vehicle:

  • Bright, high-quality life jackets for anyone who will be using the jet ski
  • A sturdy trailer for towing your jet ski to and from the beach
  • A shed or cover for safely storing your jet ski when it isn’t in use
  • Insurance to cover your jet ski in case of theft or emergency

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got wonderful late-summer weekends in store aboard your very own jet ski to enjoy! Simply get in touch with the team at Car Finance to discuss a jet ski loan in New Zealand today!