To date Car Finance have financed a wide variety of marine, private and commercial vehicles, business equipment, and motorhomes. Being that commercial vehicles represent a large portion of the vehicle population in our busy little country, it makes sense that these trucks, utes, vans and cars should be financially accessible to you – the customer!

The term ‘commercial vehicle’ represents a vast and varied group of cars, trucks, vans and farming equipment. From a full-on fleet of courier vans to boutique dumpling delivery cars, rentable ‘do it yourself’ mover trucks to huge container shifters – we’ve got you covered financially so that your company can go ahead and get out on the roads!

A few things to consider before buying your commercial vehicle

The primary purpose

Here is where you will need to do some planning and predicting. A couple of questions to ask yourself before buying are:

  • how much use will you require from your vehicle over the course of a work day/week
  • will this vehicle be expected to drive off road at any time
  • will this vehicle be used outside of work hours (personal use, family use)
  • does storage matter in this vehicle (tools, shipping goods, transporting disabled passengers etc)

Once you’ve considered these important factors, you’ll find it easier to track down the perfect pick for the task.

The price

While Car Finance is more than able to help you cover costs, we need to emphasise the importance of being prepared and able to cover your monthly costs in addition to car repayments.  

In the same manner in which you would finance a personal car you can buy, lease or finance your commercial vehicle. Often businesses will avoid paying for their vehicle in one lump sum, as it is easier to pay over a period of instalments as money comes through. If your business is looking to finance a company vehicle, we can help!

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