Kiwis have always had a certain fondness for the universally practical utility vehicle (or Ute). The four wheeled friend of farmers favourite has done our country proud for years as it scales the countryside with effortless bouncy grace.

Over the years, the classic Ute has undergone something of a cozy, curvaceous face-lift in order to accommodate urban fans of the vehicle. Various improvements including (but never limited to) comfort, appearance and added seating have seen Utes climbing in both hills and popularity as they evolve to suit both urban families and farmers alike, catering to all the practical needs each party might wish for in a decent set of wheels.

If you’re looking to talk to a car finance company in Wellington about obtaining NZ car finance for your own Ute, we think you should take a moment first to appreciate the five favourite Utes for a little car inspiration:

Ford Ranger
While kiwi blokes don’t often buy a utility vehicle base of starry-eyed aspiration alone, the Ford Ranger could not help but become the ‘dream Ute’ of every tradesman (and his dog) in the country!

The Ford Ranger is a member of a premium grade dual-cab group of ‘workhorse’ vehicles that provide drivers with all the versatility and comfort of a town truck with all the grunt and practicality of a farm Ute.

The simple fact that this Ute can go from your grunt building site buddy to your bach getaway mobile is what makes it the most appealing set of wheels when it comes to high end duel-cab Utes.

Nissan Navara
Nissan have a well-proven history of constructing reliable rides. With each new model come new innovations and improvements that make this a pleasantly practical vehicle to invest in. With the latest breeds of Nissan Navara you’ll get the ‘working pedigree’ as they say, with premium quality comfort and a no-fuss driving experience (not to mention a touch of sleek, curvaceous style). And now it’s time to experience the next generation Navara.

Volkswagen Amarok
Comfortable, quiet, surely, and technologically sophisticated: introducing the Volkswagen Amarok. This Ute comes equipped with flawlessly good steering, and is certainly the most comfortable ride in terms of passenger comfort. A great performer on and off road, this Ute is built to suit families with adventurous intentions!

Toyota Hilux
Not a day goes by when you don’t see one of these babies roll by you on the road! This Ute is probably the most iconic – certainly a kiwi favourite! A modern redesigned of the Hilux’s frame and body gave the Ute its much beloved streamline silhouette. Benefits of this Ute are extensive and range from high-quality interior to improved towing capabilities. It’s easy to see why this is NZ’s top selling Ute!