We are pretty lucky in New Zealand at the moment that fuel cost is relatively steady and hasn’t again hit the $2/Litre mark that we saw last year.  However, fuel prices can change quickly and therefore, driving economically is important. Form these habits now. Below are tips for saving fuel and getting more kilometers per litre of petrol.

  • Plan your route – driving around wandering where you are going to next is a complete waste of petrol. Plan where you are headed before you set off.
  • Check your tyres – Under-inflation can increase consumption by 15%.
  • Don’t put your foot to the floor – use your gears to pick up speed, without having to put your foot flat to the floor. Cruising at a steady speed is far better for fuel use.
  • Switch the engine off – if you are sitting in stand still traffic that appears to be going nowhere quickly, turn your engine off.
  • Brake slowly – if you see brake lights ahead, lift your foot off the gas rather than braking suddenly.
  • Air-Con – by all means, use it but be aware that it does use petrol to run so if you are trying to be super economical, then turn it off and open your windows.
  • Shed the weight in the boot – Don’t cart stuff around in your boot that you don’t need. The added weight makes your car use more petrol when moving from A to B. Storing heavy items in there that you don’t need just burns petrol.
  • Take care of your car – Don’t neglect your car, if a light comes up on your dash board then get it checked. Replace your oil when needed so your car is running economically.
  • Don’t be idle – If you are picking someone up and waiting in their driveway or outside their workplace, turn your engine off while you sit and wait.

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