Nearing the middle of autumn, it is time we start thinking about the next upcoming season; winter. When the driving conditions change, you want to ensure your car is ready for the ice and slippery surfaces. It is a really good idea to get all these things done in advance so that when the cold weather sets in you aren’t then frantically trying to get these things ticked off.

Tyres: Of course, tyres are important to check all year round but even more so in winter when the roads get icy and potentially slippery.  If you are living somewhere where there is a snow in winter months, think about getting snow tyres and chains for the morning when you wake up in a white winter land. Their more aggressive tread also channels away slush and snow to help prevent sliding.

Wiper blades: The last thing you want when driving in the rain is window blades that are doing a less than perfect job. If your blades are torn, cracked or not moving the water away as it should then it is time to replace them. Don’t forget to also change the back ones if your car has them.

Battery: During the winter months, your cars battery has to work a little harder to get the engine started. This is even more of an issue if your car is an older model and is parked outside as opposed to in a garage overnight. Get your battery checked to make sure it is not going to fail you. If marginal we say, “ere on the side of caution” and replace it now.

Of course, there are many other things that need checking not only at winter but periodically throughout the year.  Talk to your local mechanic or call us at Car Finance and we can put you in touch with someone that can help.