We live in a country that is covered from head to toe in gorgeous roads just waiting to be explored. Each kiwi has a prized memory of an adventure shared down a highway, and then on to beaches, bush or beautiful cities.

So, chances are, your teen has been dreaming of making their own memories behind the wheel. They’re most likely chomping at the bit to get out on the open road!

If the driving lessons have gone down well, and exam season is over…why not consider a cool little ‘run around’ car as an extra-special gift for your young adult this Christmas?

Just in time for summer! 

With the exception of the busy week around Christmas and after, summer is actually the safest time for your teen to be driving in New Zealand. With next-to-no rainy days, barely any wind, and zero ice on the roads, you can relax knowing that your kid is travelling in the safest weather conditions possible. This is especially good to know if this summer will be the first time your teen is going to be driving solo.

You might even enjoy tagging along on their next day trip; enjoy the views while they do all the hard work!

A nice reward for their hard work at school

A pricey piece of tech is a lovely gift, but giving your teen a car makes a much more valuable statement; you’re giving your teen your trust and goodwill, while offering them their freedom to explore.

A car is also a very generous reward for all their hard work; studying hard for exams, challenging themselves to join extracurricular activities, and helping out around the house to keep things running smoothly. It doesn’t take a flash car to let your teen know that you notice their efforts…it just takes the act of giving one.

Need a hand financing your youth’s first car? We can help! 

The team at Car Finance are ready to help you get your hands on a cool little car for your teen in time for Christmas. You won’t have to dip into your holiday funds just to cover the cost of a car. With our help, you’ll be shopping for that perfect first car in no time!