If you’re thinking about buying a car, then we’ve got some great news for you! Whether you’re considering adding another run-about to your household, upgrading to something a little more swish, getting a second-hand motor for your kids, or investing in an eco-friendly electric vehicle, there’s never been a better time to buy.

So what’s making car sales so darn-tootin’ good right now?

A competitive car market

New Zealanders are currently buying cars in record numbers. More people joining New Zealand’s growing population means more people buying more cars. We’re driving more cars, and more cars are driving a great competitive market!

New Zealand’s stable economy and employment security are also helping the market, so more people are choosing to upgrade their car or add another to their household.

Spoilt for choice!

Imports of new and second-hand cars are at a record-high, and people are able to be a bit more selective about what they are looking for in a car. More of us are choosing to buy cars with smaller, economic engines, and electric vehicle sales have grown by 184 percent this past year.

Better bang for your buck

New Zealanders are getting better quality with their money. We’re currently paying the same price for some cars as we would have ten years ago even though they’ve had ten years of technological development! And international car markets are really hot on economy and safety right now, so each new car model gets that much better.

And the cherry on top…

Our economy and low interest rates means that car finance has never been easier or more affordable. In the past many people chose to pay for a car by extending their mortgage, but now car finance dealers can offer more competitive deals.

If you’re thinking about buying, upgrading, or adding a car, contact us at Car Finance. Whether you call or fill in our on-line application, you’ll experience our personalised one-on-one service that you won’t get anywhere else.