When it comes to financing your vehicle, you are by no means restricted to the type or situation. We’re here to help you get the motor you need quickly, efficiently and at an affordable repayment rate. Be it a work truck or a cheeky little ‘shopping trolly’, a hefty tractor or a sporty camper-van, we’d like to help you get your wheels fast.

So, now that you know there aren’t any vehicles that we don’t offer finance for, let’s take a look at examples of the vehicles we do finance, shall we? Note that we have provided links for more information in each of the titles: just click them to be taken to their respective pages on our website.


Car Finance: The Classic Family People Mover

Rather than cramping the kids up in the back of a car, many kiwi families opt to seek finance for a people mover (otherwise known as a minivan). More more space and seats (and usually easier access through a large sliding door) means easier school dropoffs and pickups. There will me more room for the kids to invite their mates to tag along on your trips, as well as more room for future little ones! Financing a people mover or minivan in New Zealand can be a pricey commitment for young kiwi families, so get in touch with our team to sort out immediate finance and a manageable repayment plan.


Car Finance: The Work Truck

If you need finance for a new work vehicle, we’re the team to talk to. If you’ve got jobs to get to and you need a sturdy work vehicle with lots of storage capability and good gas mileage, start with us. We’ll organise a loan for you so that you can get on the road and to your next job fast and efficiently. We can finance a fleet of work vehicles if need be, with affordable repayment plans for your company. Simply get in touch and we’ll be able to offer you the work truck finance that you require.


Farm vehicles: tractors, trailers, mowers and more!

Got a farm to attend to but don’t quite have the funds to make it happen? Leave financing your farm vehicle to the team at Car Finance New Zealand. We understand that there are seasons in which you need your vehicle now, but you can’t afford to pay until later. Where this is the case, a loan can be offered through Car Finance New Zealand and paid back at a manageable rate when you are able. Machinery finance can be expensive for kiwi farmers, especially if your farm is just starting out, so let us help you make it happen.


Boats and motor homes (or camper vans)

If you’re tired of putting off your dreams of owning a recreational vehicle such as a boat or camper van, we can help to make them a reality. Rather than putting your traveling and fishing dreams at the bottom of the financial priority pile, get in touch with Car Finance New Zealand to get things rolling! We can finance your boat, finance your motor home (or finance your camper van) to open up the opportunity to own these items sooner rather than later. Pay us back at an affordable rate while you enjoy your days in your shiny new boat or camper van! We provide a flexible and personal service that’ll help you get the caravan finance you need to get you on the road.


For any of the above items, simply get in touch with Car Finance. Our team is standing by to help make your vehicle needs happen sooner rather than later!