After a few nights of nippy wind, I’m sure every Kiwi nation-wide is willing summer to hurry itself up! You might even be daydreaming early of the ways in which you’d like to enjoy your holidays: where you’d like to go and what you’d like to see.

Here’s an idea we often leave to the tourists, but could actually enjoy just as much (if not more) as residents of this country: a classic Kiwi road trip!

Everyone knows that the best way to experience the beauty of our country is on a road trip. Take your time, soak up the scenery, and venture into a few of those tiny old in-between towns and villages that always sell the best baked goods! The country is yours to explore – if you have the wheels!

So what are the highlights of having your own set of wheels with which to make the touring trip? Here are just a few: 


Tow bar

Save yourself a buck or two (thousand) by towing along the caravan! You can avoid overpriced accommodation as prices soar for summertime rental of cabins and motels. Alternatively, a tow bar allows you to tow the making of extra fun times with you as you attach the kayaks, boat, or jet ski on a trailer.

Room to rest

If you don’t mind living it a little rough for a few days or weeks, find yourself a truck, van or ute with space in the back for a bed. Reverse into a park that overlooks an incredible view, flip open the back doors, and curl up on a mattress as you watch the sun go down on your little vehicle based bedroom.


Kiwis love their four wheel driving adventures. There’s a lot to be said for the freedom that comes with being able to comfortably venture from the road onto beaches, up mountains, and even through rivers! A 4wd vehicle will see you to the best views, walks and hunting or fishing spots our country has to offer!


Whether it’s north or south you’re venturing, Car Finance in Wellington can ensure you’re on the right track to getting the perfect vehicle for your summer road trip in New Zealand! Get in touch with the team today to show us what kind of wheels you’re after.