Financing cars in New Zealand is a challenging task that requires a lot of research, but every new piece of information you learn about your next potential vehicle is a portion of your money saved or invested. Rather than financing a car only to have to sell it and see a second New Zealand car loan, you might as well save yourself the time, stress, and financial failure by making the best car choice the first time around. To do this, you’ll need to do a little digging into the information and reviews available for the car that you and your family are considering.

For your research, we suggest you start here:


Dog and Lemon Guide 

Is the car that you’ve got your eyes on a loyal beast or an underwhelming lemon? The expert reviews offered by the Dog and Lemon Guide will have all the answers for you. Originally available as a published book, the Dog and Lemon Guide has evolved into a simple online website where you can purchase a select number of reviews on any car make and model that you might be considering. Dog and Lemon reviews are presented in a colloquial tone; you don’t have to be a ‘car person’ to understand their thoughtful and well-researched opinions on any given vehicle.

If you’re looking to finance a vehicle without wasting the car loan on a lemon, start with this helpful guide.


Driven (Free)

Driven’s Advice section offers free advice for kiwi’s shopping for their next car. You’ll be able to search any particular make or model, or you could browse through their regularly-updated blog if you’re struggling for car selection inspiration. Driven also hosts its own more professional version of Trademe Motors, giving you a neat and tidy online catalogue of used cars to browse through.

When you’ve found a list of favourites, be sure to get in touch with the team at Car Finance New Zealand to arrange a meeting where we can work together on getting you the money to finance that car!


Vehicle Safety Ratings (AA NZ)

Whatever your choice for a new car, make sure that you’ve taken its safety rating into consideration. All the bells and whistles of a new car count for nothing if the vehicle isn’t coming with vital safety features such as airbags and reverse alarms or cameras. To see if your car of choice checks out on the safety scale, take a look at the AA’s Vehicle Safety Rating section.


When you’ve narrowed down your potential cars and you’ve got a better idea of the sort of budget ballpark you’re in, get in touch with the team at Car Finance. We’ll sort out an easy and affordable car loan for you with a manageable repayment plan.