It’s the time of the year where Kiwis are taking their summer holiday. Plenty of people wait until things die down a bit after the mad Christmas/New Year rush and opt to go late January or even February.  If you have purchased a car this year and are packing it up for a cruise up the country, then be sure to read these below tips to pack the car right.

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Don’t pack the kitchen sink! Think about where you are headed. Chances are you will have washing facilities so you don’t need to pack every single item of clothing in your wardrobe. Determine how many days you are away for and give all travel goers a quota of space. Think about big items too such as prams or porta cots if travelling with young kids.

Make sure the heaviest bags go at the bottom so precious space is not being wasted, and your line of sight through the back of the car is compromised. Those with bigger bags should be in charge of filling their bags first. A packing schedule seems a little over the top right… that is until you’re on top of the pile in your car, trying to make it all work. If you need to take lots of little things, how about using a vacuum bag to minimise space?

Depending on your vehicle and how many people are traveling and the length of your holiday, it may be best to get a storage unit for the top of the car. Car top storage units are very effective, but they require instalment of base bars and screws before the actual unit can be installed, so think ahead and don’t leave it until departure time to decide you really require one.

Keeping the line of sight clear is super important. Safety should be without a doubt the top priority. Luggage shouldn’t be stacked higher than the headrests of the back seats as otherwise the line of sight out the back window and through the rear view mirror is compromised.

Once the car is packed, hook up the boat to the tow bar and head off and enjoy your holidays. No boat as yet? Speak to us and we can arrange boat finance so your next family holiday has everything you need.