The holiday season is notorious for pushing our country’s peak road accident rate. Whether you’re setting off on a trip to visit the rellies, or you’re rushing in for a last minute mad dash of Christmas shopping, the team at Car Finance want you to have safe travels this silly season.

We’ve rounded up our top tips for safe driving during the festive season, so here they are!

Top 5 tips for driving during the holiday season:

  • Don’t set off until you’ve had a good sleep! Driving while tired can be more dangerous than driving drunk, so be sure to prioritize a good night’s sleep before you set off across the country.
  • Nix the Christmas music! Christmas music is holly and jolly, but a lot of Christmas tunes can be extremely stressful to drive to. Most Christmas songs are designed to pressure shoppers into spending more money: they’re loud and fast-paced and filled with repetitive lyrics.
    If you can’t live without your festive music, opt for acoustic covers. Acoustic music complex enough to keep you awake, but smooth enough to keep you relaxed.
  • Christmas shopping? It’s not a kid-friendly environment out there. With so many shoppers carrying so many breakables, it’s easy for little ones to get trod on or lost. You’ll also find that the day drags on as you are required to take more snack and toilet breaks. Save the kids a stressful day in town and give yourself a better chance of getting the shopping done more efficiently by leaving them at home with a trusted loved one, or hiring a sitter for a few hours.
  • Go easy on the coffee! Too many shots of bean juice can cause you to feel elevated anxiety, especially while driving. A caffeine overdose can increase your heartbeat and cause you to make rash decisions on the road. Get a good night’s sleep and stick to one or two cups of coffee a day.
  • Get the AC working before you set off this summer! Don’t even think about driving on a hot summer’s day until you’ve got that AC working. Hot, uncomfortable drivers make terrible decisions. Keep cool physically and emotionally by keeping the air in your car at a pleasant temp this summer.