Car finance is a way of paying off your new car in easy regular payments rather than in one hit on purchase day. The cost of using this service is the interest that you are charged.

Payments can be made to coincide with your pay day so that funds are always available. The term in months can vary from one loan to the next and this can be discussed.

Determining what you can afford per repayment (whether this be weekly or monthly) will set your budget for how much you can spend on a vehicle.

There are some things that are a must with regards to gaining approval for car finance. These are as follows:

  • At the minimum a restricted driver’s license
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have the ability to afford the loan payment as well as your everyday living costs
  • Have a steady form of income
  • Not be currently bankrupt or have just completed a no asset procedure

Car Finance is able to structure financing arrangements from small amounts of $3000 to however big your purchase may be. We have the ability to structure payments that best represent your personal or business needs including GST and seasonal payments.

To date Car Finance have financed a wide variety of marine, private and commercial vehicles, business equipment, and motorhomes. We are able to consider all asset financing.