When purchasing a car, there are many questions that are involved. Once you have decided that you need to upgrade your vehicle, the next question is, do you buy new or used. At car finance, we can finance both new and used vehicles. The same goes for boat finance, motorbike finance, caravan finance, marine vehicle finance, machinery finance and tractor finance. Whether brand new from the dealership or second hand we can help with the finance you require to see the keys in your hand.

With regards to new or used cars. Here is a quick guide about the advantages of buying new:

  • Made to order: When you purchase new, more often than not you are able to customise your vehicle. If this option is not available then the dealer should be able to search for a combination of colours (exterior and interior) that you are happy with.
  • It’s simply…. Not used: An obvious one but a biggy. It hasn’t been in an accident without you knowing, hasn’t been mistreated, and has no wear and tear or unknowns. It has a clean history and has only being driven off the line, onto a transporter and around the car yard.
  • Warranty: Although sometimes offered with used cars too, a new cars warranty is untouched. The warranty that comes from the manufacturer is the best warranty you can get.
  • Safety: With vehicle safety laws constantly updating, you know that buying new means it will be the safest option to transport you and your family.

As said above, we can grant car finance for both new and used vehicles. Talk to us at Car Finance today to see how we can help you get behind the wheel of your new vehicle.