When thinking about your dream car, what do you envisage? Perhaps a make or models pop to mind. Do you imagine it to black or silver? Blue or bright orange? This colour selection is often a tricky one for people to make.  Here is the low down on what each colour means:

White represents fresh, young and modern. It shows contemporary design and is why products like Apple use this colour too. A white car suggests you have taste and elegance.

Black is the colour of luxury. Axalta reported in the year 2013, black was the most popular colour for luxury vehicles.  Think black tie dinners, the little black dress or a classy black limousine transporting the Prime Ministers.  All royalist and elegant.  Black is a power colour.

Silver beams innovation and a bright spark. It is the colour of style, sass and security. Often silver dominates car colour choice. It doesn’t get as dirty as white and doesn’t get as hot as black. A good in the middle decision.

Red is a fun and confident colour and often is attention seeking. A red sports call screams, “look at me!”.  A popular choice as it stands out well on the roads. A forever popular choice.

Blue projects serenity and loyalty. However this is not an overly popular colour choice. It is a practical and happy colour option.

What would your colour choice be? Regardless of your answer, come and see us so we can get the car finance sorted. No discrimination here, we finance all makes, models AND colours. Happy choosing!