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Everyone wants hassle-free, car finance – so let us help you get the car you need or the vehicle you’ve always wanted!

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Everyone wants hassle free, car finance...

And we can help achieve just that. We are a proven multi award winning financier with over 25 years experience. With our personalised approach and comprehensive services we can offer you financing for all types of vehicles and situations.

  • Motor vehicle finance, leasing and insurance.
  • Marine finance, including jetskis.
  • Business machinery finance.
  • Motor vehicle mechanical protection.
  • Loan repayment insurance.
  • More than 25 years experience.

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Our Car Finance online application form is quick and easy – it takes 20 seconds to complete, and we'll get back to you almost immediately.


Why choose Car Finance?

We think it’s simple – because we’ll get you into the car you need or the vehicle you’ve always wanted. We’re not a big corporate company, so can offer you a great personalised service that you’re unlikely to get elsewhere.

Also, when it comes to financing cars, we can do the lot: from reliable first cars to brand-spanking new luxury vehicles. We can also finance business vehicles, so if you need a ute or a van to get your business up and running, we can help.

But that’s not all – We also finance for a range of other vehicles, such as boats, motorbikes, jet skis, caravans and even industrial/agricultural vehicles such as bulldozers, trucks and diggers.

What’s more, you can even apply online for your car finance, When you apply for your car or vehicle finance with us, you’ll experience our personalised one-on-one service, that’s tailored just for you.

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Easy Car Finance on Cars for Sale in Wellington, Christchurch, and NZ WIDE

Are you looking for hassle-free car finance in New Zealand? At Car Finance we know good deals don’t wait, so our online application only takes 20 seconds! Simply complete our easy application online and you’ll receive a call from our finance team almost instantly.

Cars for Sale in Tauranga and Taupo

Maybe you’ve found a car for sale in Wellington, or Christchurch and you need finance quickly? Perhaps you’ve found a car for sale in Taupo, or Tauranga? Wherever you find a new, or used car for sale that catches your eye, we’ll be able to provide finance. In some cases our vehicle finance in New Zealand is approved and deposited overnight.

Car Finance is a Kiwi owned and operated vehicle finance company with more than 25 years of experience financing cars for sale in New Zealand. When Kiwis are in the market for a new car, they’ll often look on TradeMe, AutoTrader, or at Turners Auctions, then they’ll look for competitive car finance in N.Z. We finance cars for sale in Christchurch, Wellington and across New Zealand. We’ve funded trucks and utes for sale in Wellington, and Christchurch too. Whatever your vehicle, wherever you are, we have a suitable car finance option for you.

At Car Finance, we finance the purchase of all kinds of vehicles from reliable first cars all the way to brand-spanking new luxury vehicles. If you’re looking at cars for sale in Christchurch, or vehicles for sale in Wellington, our vehicle finance service is available New Zealand-wide. Our car finance options in N.Z come complete with a personalised service to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Utes for sale Wellington, Christchurch, and Tauranga

At Car Finance, we don’t just stop at cars, trucks, or utes for sale in NZ; we also finance boats, motorbikes, jet skis, caravans, bulldozers and diggers too. Whether you’re looking to get a vehicle for the road, or you’re ready to go off-road, is the place to go.

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Car Finance

Maybe you need car finance for a new work vehicle, a new addition to your fleet… maybe you need car finance to upgrade your car to suit your growing family… or maybe you need car finance so you can purchase a cheap run-around vehicle?

Either way – we’re here to help you get the car finance you need, so you can afford the vehicle you need.

Whether you’re purchasing through a dealership, a private seller or online via TradeMe, we’ll be able to get you the Car Finance you require.

Car Finance

Machinery Finance

If you rely on machinery for work, it’s possible that one day you’ll suffer a mechanical breakdown or malfunction and need a loan or finance fast to be able to get some new equipment and keep doing your job.

Our personalised machinery finance is flexible and comprehensive, meaning we can help you get back to work in no time. Whether you’re an excavator looking for a digger or bulldozer, or a farmer needing tractor finance, a factory manager looking for forklift finance, or even a hobbyist looking for a new toy, we can help.

Machinery Finance

Marine & Boat Finance

At Car Finance we’ll work to get you the very best finance option for any marine vehicle. Whether that’s a new boat to enjoy our beautiful summers, a dingy to take the kids fishing or a jet-ski so you can show off to your friends, we can help you get out on the water.

Owning a boat or jet ski has never been easier with our great range of marine finance options. With, your new marine investment is more affordable than you think, and we’ll get you out on the water without you having to part with a large sum of cash.

Marine & Boat Finance

Caravan & Motor Home Finance

At Car Finance NZ we don’t just deal in finance for cars – we also offer finance options for caravans, trailers, motorhomes, campervans, mobile-homes and even food trucks.

No matter what kind of recreational or commercial vehicle you’re after, we can help you find what you’re looking for. We’re standing by ready to help you get your vehicle on the road and on your way to your next adventure!

We provide a flexible and personal service that’ll help you get the caravan finance you need to get you on the road.

Caravan Finance